Kyong Yim



Hello! My name is Kyong (key - young). 

I graduated from Northwest University in Kirkland with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. After graduation, I interned at a private clinic, practiced at both a private clinic and community mental health serving teens, adults, couples, and families. I am trained in various therapeutic modalities including anxiety treatment and the neurological effects,  as well as in relationship and marriage counseling. I also have a Masters in Education. Prior to becoming a counselor, I mentored inter-city youth, worked in public education for over 12 years, and at a non-profit Christian organization providing humanitarian aid globally.


An enriching volunteer experience was at a non-profit agency that supports sex-trafficking survivors where I learned positive genuine relationships brought healing and restoration. I also had opportunities to experience mission trips to third world countries such as Cambodia, Uganda, and Thailand where we provided humanitarian, educational, and spiritual support to families and adults. It brought a deeper understanding of the longing we all have that thrives for purpose in life, which led me to pursue the counseling psychology journey


I encourage you to embrace your faith, spirituality, and who you are, in your therapeutic journey. Christian counseling is available upon request. As you fully engage and participate, you will gain more confidence and empowerment by building and accessing resources from within. As we meet, my goal is to listen, walk alongside you, create space for collaboration and feedback, and equip you with effective strategies. My hope is to ensure a safe and comfortable place for you to heal. You are filled with great potential to heal, strive, and thrive for a purposeful and meaningful life.