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Therapy Testimonials

"I am forever grateful to Kyong for guiding me through grieving the loss of my parents. She helped me understand emotions that I didn’t know I was holding on to for a long time. I was apprehensive to try therapy but it has changed my life for the better. Kyong was incredibly patient and understanding. She taught me healthy ways to respond to stress and anxiety which has given me more confidence. Every day feels a little brighter now than it did before." - Jane

“As a person who supports and helps people for a living, and really a calling, I found myself in a place where I was unable to help myself. For the first time, I could remember I was in one of the most difficult places I’d ever been emotionally, and I reached out for help & I’m eternally grateful I did. With the support, feedback, prayer & discernment from Kyong I was able to heal. For so long I had developed this pattern of avoiding my brokenness, instead of healing. Kyong gave me space and an environment to mend my broken heart, with patience, persistence and compassion. I won’t say it was easy, but it was worth it, I’m better for it, I feel lighter because of my experience, and because of Kyong & really the Holy Spirit, I am finally free. Thank you doesn’t quite capture my gratitude.” - Latisha

“Kyong has made such a positive difference in my life. I came to Kyong struggling with over-reactivity, ruminating thoughts, and other traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics. Kyong patiently and persistently guided me through those difficult, dark feelings and taught me about mindfulness, sitting with and recognizing emotions, putting negative thoughts on trial, and letting go of the past. I have been able to rebuild relationships with family and learn to hear and trust my inner voice more. I feel incredibly fortunate that my therapy path lead to Kyong, and would recommend her to anyone looking to heal themselves and learn how to process their emotions safely.” - G

"We began working with Kyong after a cross-country move mid-pandemic. We were experiencing communication challenges and difficulty understanding one another. Kyong was so supportive and provided a safe, approachable environment to connect. We appreciated the balance between structure and flexibility in our sessions. Kyong gave us tangible tools while allowing us the freedom to apply them in a way that felt natural for us both. Practicing with these tools and strategies out of session helped us feel confident and on track with our goals. As we learned to better communicate and support each other, Kyong encouraged us to spend more time between sessions; this gave us an opportunity to notice and reflect on our progress. During our last few sessions, we appreciated how Kyong reflected on our successes and celebrated our growth. We are so thankful for Kyong and our time together." - A & W

“We started therapy with Kyong after being together for 8.5 years. We made a great team but seemed to be stuck in the same patterns and arguments. Kyong gave us tools and exercises to better communicate our needs, open up to each other, and understand how our personal challenges affected our relationship. Kyong was a great fit for us. She created a safe space, encouraged us when we did well, and challenged us when we held back. Our relationship is stronger than ever heading into our 10 year anniversary. Thank you, Kyong!”- M & J

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