Heal Strive Thrive Counseling

You might be asking yourself:

  • What do I do if I have anxiety and depression?

  • How do I navigate difficulties in my marriage and relationships?

  • Am I too emotional?

  • Am I codependent?

  • How do I heal from my past hurts, wounds, and relationships?

You might be seeking counseling for the following reasons:

Marriage and Relationships:

  • My partner and I are experiencing marital conflict and not sure how to manage this.

  • I'm in toxic relationships and don't know what to do.

  • I need suggestions and ideas for parenting.

Emotions: Anxiety, Depression, Feeling Stuck

  • I am struggling with persistent worries and sadness and it's overwhelming.

  • I am experiencing chaos in my life. I feel stuck with life and situations.

  • I am not sure who I am anymore. I want to find belonging and acceptance somewhere.

Moving Forward: Past Trauma, Hurts, Wounds, Forgiveness, Grief and Loss

  • I keep reliving my past and can't move forward.

  • I have hurt and wounds from my past. I want to heal and get better.

  • I can't seem to forgive those who hurt me.

  • How do I process grief and loss?


No matter what season of life you are in,  glad you are here. Know you are not alone. There is hope.

​This is a safe place for you to heal, feel, think, and share without judgment. You can find the freedom to be real with your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. We will journey together in your healing and restoration for positive life-giving change. You are brave and courageous for taking the steps to seek counseling. I look forward to meeting you!